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Owned by the 10 th generation of a popular family of Ayurvedic practitioners, Pallewela Ayuevedic Hospital & SPA has got out-patient department (OPD) and in-patient department (IPD) with well equipped treatment and accommodation facility. It is surrounded by a serene rural area bordered by a greenish paddy field. The garden is rich with many medicinal plants and some rare herbs.

Pallewela Ayurvedic Hospital has been famous for orthopedic treatments for a long time. In addition, number of ortho, neuro and muscular diseases such as slipped disk, bone fractures, arthritis, spinal injuries, sports injuries, and many more disorders are treated here successfully. Many foreigners visit this treatment centre for general health treatments as well as for curing disorders of various body systems.

Panchakarma is the best treatment you can take for mind, body and soul. It cleanses the physiology on all levels and thus increases your capacity to be happy. It prevents many diseases by removing the root of disease.

Our wellness treatments range from specialized programmes to tackle acne, hyper pigmentation, ageing, dandruff, hair loss and damaged hair to general skin and hair care services that help you maintain your gorgeous self.

Pallewela Ayurveda has experienced and expertise in treatment for bone fractures, slip disk, etc. In order to ensure proper diagnosis, modern medical methods are used combined with traditional Ayurvedic treatments followed up by its own methods.

Why Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a nature friendly system. Ayurveda treats the individual and not the disease. This system provides an excellent line of low cost treatment for various common disorders and several chronic ailments with an extensive documentation and an impressive record of safety and efficiency. Ayurvedic herbal medicines are safe and have no adverse side effects. Sri Lanka has a rich heritage in practicing Ayurveda treatments successfully from the times of ancient Kings.

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